A Tale of Two “Traitors”

From the “What the Fuck Took You So Long?” Department, former Representative and current Leftist whipping woman Tulsi Gabbard announced she would be leaving the Democrat Party due to their extreme positions. This, of course, lead Leftists to thoughtfully consider the reasons Gabbard gave for leaving and took some time for personal reflection and introspection.

Just kidding! They lost their shit.

Meanwhile on the other side of the political aisle, Lincoln Project co-founder and batshit crazy Twitter user Steve Schmidt suggested soon-to-be former Representative and current member of the January 6 Debacle…I mean Commission Liz Cheney should run for President in order to put an end to the Make America Great Again movement. Cheney has received the ire of many supporters of President Donald Trump for participating in the January 6 Boondoggle…I mean Commission and for making anti-Trump statements.

And, as expected, many Trump supporters lost their shit.

Aside from the reactions from their respective ideological allies, Gabbard and Cheney share another distinction: they’re being called traitors. As a word guy, I take the term very seriously because it’s an accusation that carries a lot of weight. But right now it’s being tossed around like a football on fall weekends. Unless, of course, the team is more committed to the running game…

Nevertheless, I think we need to take a hard look at how cavalier we’re being with the use of “traitor” to describe politicians who doesn’t conform to what we believe 100%. To put it mildly, it’s a hyperbolic term, the most hyperbolic term of all time! (See what I did there?) Seriously, though, it’s not exactly a word that lends itself to softer interpretations.

Our good friends at Dictionary.com define traitor as follows:

1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Although both definitions are workable, it’s the second one that people tend to gravitate towards because the definition carries a more significant implication. Not that betraying another person, cause, or trust is necessarily a less serious offense, mind you. But when you think about a traitor, your mind is going to go right towards the betrayal of the country.

And that’s where both the Left and Right lose me. By its very nature, politics is polarizing, even more so these days. We’ve gone from being able to respectfully disagree to coming to blows with anyone whose not 1000% on board with one of the major parties. Although a few families have broken up over political differences, the fact it happened in the first place is shocking to me. When you are willing to disavow your flesh and blood in favor of a politician or an ideology that doesn’t give one-millionth of a shit about you, it’s not the sign of a healthy society.

However, it is one of the signs you’re in a cult. And if you really think about it (and I have because there are only so many shows I can binge on Netflix these days), today’s political environment is cultish, as both Gabbard and Cheney have found out recently. And since they dared to…I can scarcely say the words…think for themselves, the Democult and Republicult have unleashed their anger and more than a few charged words.

But Gabbard and Cheney aren’t traitors to anything but the cults from which they associated, and even then it can be argued in both cases the cults left them. Regardless, calling them traitors throws a millstone around their necks designed to un-person them, making it easier to disregard what they have to say. To the faithful, it’s righteous justice. To the rest of us, it’s bullshit.

And if recent polling data is any indication, it’s political suicide (and not in Minecraft). Although the link I provided shows the data was last gathered in September 2022, it still shows people identify as Independents far more than they identify as Democrats or Republicans. Although the party they lean towards shifts on a regular basis, the fact remains the middle holds more sway than either extreme.

And guess who might just sit out elections by being called traitors.

The growing dissatisfaction with Democrats and Republicans as they are now is fueling a movement of self-reflection and self-determination. There’s a reason #WalkAway was and remains a thing (and why Democrats and Leftists in particular have tried to make it not be a thing). There’s a reason both major parties really don’t want potential voters to reject the two-party mindset: there are more of us than there are of them.

And that scares the absolute shit out of them.

Although I disagree with Tulsi Gabbard and Liz Cheney on various issues, I don’t see them as as any less of an American for it. The strongest patriots aren’t the ones who dig in and won’t be moved, but rather the ones who are willing to reach across ideological divides to find common ground. In other words, to disagree without being disagreeable.

The first major party to realize this will reap electoral benefits beyond their wildest expectations. Given how the Left is nuttier than elephant shit these days, it’s more likely the Right will figure it out and move towards it…provided they’re not as elephant-shit nuts as the Left is.

In the meantime, I make a humble request: save the “traitor” label for those who have betrayed the country, not just an ideology or a political party. If that’s too much of an ask, that’s fine. I won’t think any less of you. I’ll just know not to expect a Christmas card this year.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

Leftists had a bad week due in large part to a Republican (and one not named Donald Trump for a change!). In an election result that surprised almost no one who isn’t in a coma, or who watches MSNBC which is pretty much the same thing, Wyoming Congresscritter Liz “Not Dick” Cheney lost in the Republican primary for her seat. And by “lost,” I mean ass-blasted.

In an unrelated story, former campaign staffers for the Michael Dukakis campaign sent Rep. Cheney a helmet and a ticket for a tank ride.

The reason Leftists were upset at Cheney’s loss, aside from the fact she was one of the few Republicans in office trying to hold Donald Trump accountable for…well, being Donald Trump, was because she put didn’t put her party ahead of the country. You see, Leftists says Republicans, especially of the Trump fan variety, have done that, and apparently that’s bad. I’m always up for a good party, and I don’t mind if it’s out in the country, but I’m guessing that’s not what they mean. Let’s see if we can figure it out together.

party before country

What the Left thinks it means – putting political and ideological goals ahead of the betterment of America

What it really means – Republicans not doing what Leftists want

Liz Cheney’s not the first Republican to gain the love of Leftists, just one of the latest. Remember John McCain? He was one of the best-known “country before party” types, although he preferred a different term for his fair-weather friendship with the GOP, “maverick.” Leftists loved to praise McCain for bucking his party and painted him as the kind of Republican that could unite the country and even persuade Democrats to vote for him.

Then, he ran for President in 2008. Those adoring Leftists who couldn’t say enough good things about him? Yeah, they called every vile name in the book. He went from being a “good Republican” in Leftist circles to the second coming of Hitler, Stalin, and Leo Sayer all rolled into one. Huh…who could have seen the Left’s love affair with McCain go south as soon as he ran for President against a Democrat?

I mean, aside from Ray Charles.

And here’s the thing: it keeps happening. When Liz Cheney ran for the House, she was vilified for, well, being related to Dick Cheney. Once she got there, she voted with what Donald Trump wanted 93% of the time. So, what changed?

Her vocal opposition to Trump.

Since then, the same Leftists who treated her like dog shit suddenly admired her courage for standing up against her party and the President. If Leftist Twitter (a redundancy, I know) is any indication, there are a lot of people who say they’d vote for Cheney if she ran for President in 2024 because of her brave stance.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure those Leftists will “forget” their promises as soon as a Leftist throws his/her/its/zer/whatever made-up pronoun the candidate uses this millisecond hat into the ring. Then, all those alleged potential voters will abandon Cheney like Joe Biden abandoned Afghanistan, only with a lot less military hardware being left behind.

The same thing that McCain experienced will happen to Cheney. Leftists won’t give her a second glance when running for President (all while praising her and then slamming her), Republicans won’t give her a first look because of her betrayal of the party, and Independents won’t care because she’s a member of one of the two major political parties that keep fucking shit up. Great strategy there, Liz. Maybe you can get a job with The Lincoln Project. Apparently, they have a soft spot for anti-Trump pseudo-Republicans/conservatives. Oh, and little boys, too.

Too soon? Naaaaaaaah!

Cheney isn’t the only squishy Republican out there. Depending on the issue and circumstances, there are more than a few, especially in the Senate, who will cross the aisle. Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell to name a few. And no matter how many times they stab the GOP in the back, Leftists will never accept them.

But they will unfailingly cheer them on when they do pull a Julius Caesar on the GOP.

Of course, when it’s one of their own pulling a “maverick,” Leftists aren’t as keen on it. Just ask Tulsi Gabbard, who has been the subject of numerous slanders and vitriolic comments because she dares to hold the Left accountable for the shitty things they do and support. And, surprise surprise, that’s by design. To the Left, it’s okay for Republicans to sell out, but not for Democrats to do so because Leftists believe they represent the people. So, by daring to step out of line, honest Democrats like Gabbard betray the people, which Leftists can’t abide by…unless they’re the ones doing it.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

While Leftists treat the “party before country” standard as a one-way street, it’s very much a two-way main thoroughfare with buses and commuter trains running at regular intervals to and from its epicenter. Take the recent Inflation Creation…I mean Reduction Act. It was billed (see what I did there) as a way to combat current inflation woes, but a deeper dive into what the bill actually proposed shows a lot of spending on items that don’t exactly fight inflation.

– a minimum tax on corporations to fight climate change and assist with health care initiatives

– allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices for certain drugs…in 2026

– more money to the IRS for enforcement (yay?)

– spending money to investigate the causes of current drought conditions, especially in the western United States (insert Sam Kinneson comments about living in a desert here)

– extending financial assistance for the Affordable Care Act

– tax credits for buying a handful of electric cars

Well, around the time it was passed, the focus changed from reducing inflation to “a major climate, health and tax bill.” What happened? I would hope it was the fact the media got the memo that government spending a lot of money doesn’t actually reduce inflation, but that memo would have to be accompanied by a TikTok video with puppets, so it’s unlikely. Instead, I think it was to provide the necessary cover for Leftists to load down a bill with items on their wish lists while pretending it’s supposed to address a current concern for most Americans.

But it’s Republicans who put party before country?

While we watch prices go so high we can’t even pay attention without taking out a second mortgage, we should take a moment to realize the game being played on all of us right now. While we may not always agree on which major political party is doing the most for Americans right now (spoiler alert: it’s neither), to have Leftists proclaim one side is guilty of it while they’re constantly screwing over the country to achieve ideological goals is both frustrating and impressive. It’s frustrating because Republicans tend to roll over and take it, and impressive because of the sheer lack of self-awareness necessary to pull off such a feat.

And the best part of it all? The Founding Fathers urged us not to have political parties for this very reason. These men, who Leftists dismiss as backwards racists who couldn’t possibly imagine what life would be like in 2022, had the foresight to warn us that politicians would put personal and political ambitions above the good of the people they allegedly represent. Good thing Leftists are so forward-thinking and civic-minded so that doesn’t happen.

Oh, wait.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

The past seven days has been rift with excitement, high hopes, and general giddiness from the Left because of one group of imbeciles…I mean Congresscritters: the January 6th Committee. After two long and expensive years, we are finally going to get to the truth about former President Donald Trump and the insurrection that brought this country to its knees!

At least, that’s what we’re being told. And we know Leftists would never lie or get people’s hopes up for no reason. That reminds me, has anyone seen Robert Mueller lately?

While we wait for the aftermath of the committee’s prime-time extravaganza, let’s see if we can’t pull off a Carnac the Magnificent performance by looking at the committee as a whole.

the January 6th Committee

What the Left thinks it means – a bipartisan effort to hold Donald Trump and his followers accountable for trying to overthrow the government

What it really means – a waste of time and money to get back at Donald Trump and his followers for winning the 2016 election

If there’s one thing the government knows how to do, it’s how to waste money (although, taking away our rights through pointless regulation is a close second). One of the ways they do this, or both for that matter, is through creating special committees to investigate one issue or another. And if it’s a hot button issue, you can bet your bottom dollar that isn’t already spoken for by the IRS that someone in Washington will say, “You know, we should form a committee to investigate why dogs lift their legs to pee.”

I didn’t say they were good hot button issues.

In the aftermath of the “insurrection” on January 6th, Leftists came up with the idea to investigate why it happened and who was responsible for it. Of course, they already “knew” Donald Trump was involved because…well, Donald Trump. So, like they do with global warming/climate change/climate catastrophes/whatever buzzword is popular with the Green New Deal crowd this microsecond, they worked backwards in the hopes they would find something that would produce the necessary linkage between Trump and the events of January 6th.

And after almost a year of public statements, committee meetings, and promises to bring people to justice, the January 6th Committee has…a TV special. Not the good kind like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “Frank Zappa’s Polka-Palooza,” either. We’re talking “Al Gore Reads War and Peace Live” levels of crapitude. Listen, nothing says “this is not a serious bunch of folks” like getting a TV producer to help make the message understandable and appealing to the general public. Hell, most of the public today doesn’t even watch network TV for the same reason they don’t take a drink out of the toilets at Chipotle: they’re full of shit.

Much like the politicians comprising the committee, appropriately enough. Looking at their roster there is a who-cares of political operatives, puffed up egos, and useful idiots. And that’s just Adam Schiff, the House Democrat partially responsible for the dreadful first impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Oh, and I forgot to mention he leaks more than a saggy diaper.

But he’s not the only subpar superstar here. There’s also Jamie Raskin, the House Democrat partially responsible for the even worse second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. (I’m sensing a pattern here.) The other House Democrats on board aren’t much better, ranging from the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee (not a bad get, to be fair) to someone whose main accomplishment to date has been…being friends with Nancy Pelosi.

But don’t think the Democrats are the only ones having fun picking committee members! They have two Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, to give the illusion of bipartisanship without sacrificing any of the committee’s lack of reputation and gravitas. Yes, I know most House Republicans refused to assist with this clown show…I mean committee, but that’s not without reason. For one, the members House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested were shot down by House Democrats because, and I’m paraphrasing here, they didn’t want conspirators to the crime investigating it. More importantly, however, most House Republicans see what Cheney and Kinzinger didn’t: their presence was meant to be a distraction to give the impression the committee was a true bipartisan effort.

This is where I have to step in and clarify a point that often gets misunderstood by Leftists. Not all Leftists play for the blue team. Some Republicans have adopted Leftist thinking and tried to mold it into the main party by any means necessary. The problem is not every Leftist Republican is as overt as Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. Some of them like Florida Senator Marco Rubio seem like rock-ribbed Republicans, but would be just fine with Big Daddy Government as long as they are running it. Just look up his changing positions on “common-good conservatism” and tell me he’s not willing to be an ideological switch hitter if the power grab was right.

And now, back to my rant on the January 6th Committee already in progress.

Both Kinzinger and Cheney are on the committee to a) give the illusion it’s actually bipartisan, b) give the Left some measure of cover against legitimate complaints as to the committee’s political ends, and c) stick it to Trump Republicans. But it’s this last reason that seems to be the prevailing one. As I mentioned earlier, the January 6th Committee is one big “fuck you” to Donald Trump after he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. We can argue from now until “Firefly” gets a second season about whether it was a good idea to elect Trump, but it cannot be denied the Left has a raging hate-boner for him and the people who support him. While the committee itself has their collective hands on the table, the Department of Justice has been arresting protesters for various crimes, some legit, most bullshit, and have been keeping them in custody indefinitely. Basically, they’re being treated slightly better than suspected terrorists at Gitmo. And unlike the suspected terrorists, these protesters are American citizens with rights that are being denied by the very government investigating their actions.

All because Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

This isn’t to say there weren’t some idiots who took things too far because, well, there were. Their crimes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Where I draw the line is calling what the majority of protesters did (peaceably assemble and not cause a fuss) an insurrection as a jumping off point for a mockery of justice wrapped in national security bunting. The entire premise of the January 6th Committee is predicated on the idea there was an actual threat to democracy (which we’ve never had in America) as presented by these protesters.

And that, dear readers, is bullshit.

No matter what the January 6th Committee televised special says or shows, it’s hard to overlook the numerous problems the committee has created merely by taking a bogus narrative and running with it like it was being chased by the defensive secondary of the Los Angeles Rams. But the best is yet to come. After being hyped as the end-all-and-be-all of investigations into the January 6th situation, committee aides are walking it back slightly, saying the TV special is an “opening argument” according to the Washington Post.

Oh, good. There may be more of this shit coming to TV screens near you. Yay?

The biggest problem I have with the committee (I mean aside from the laundry list I’ve already spewed for your reading pleasure) is it doesn’t seem to be serious in its stated mission. The fact Adam Schiff is allowed to get coffee for the committee, let alone have one of the seats on it, should outrage anyone with two brain cells to rub together. In other words, non-Leftists.

And with the committee’s TV special, their lack of seriousness is confirmed. Why in the hell would they need to televise what most people already know if they’ve been following the story? Why has the investigation been solely in one direction while ignoring actions from Democrat leaders that exacerbated the situation? Did members of the federal law enforcement community infiltrate the protest and attempt to incite criminal behavior, as some have shown on video? Is it really an insurrection if no one actually tried to overthrow the government?

These are the questions (among many, many others) the January 6th Committee can’t or won’t answer. This tells me they don’t want to get to the bottom of what happened; the Left needs the overblown “threat” as a weapon to give the impression Trump supporters are threats to America that are on the verge of destroying the country, overthrowing the government, and green-lighting a new “Dukes of Hazzard” series! The horror!

The biggest problem the Left faces with the January 6th Committee is the same one they faced with both impeachment trials, the Mueller Report, and everything else they thought would end the Trump Presidency: they overpromised and underdelivered. Just about everything they threw at Trump was all sizzle and no tofu, and to be fair there wasn’t that much sizzle to begin with. This is merely the latest in a long line of failures that make the “Scary Movie” franchise look good, and that’s a tall order.

Fortunately for us, the Left is more than up to the challenge of finding new ways to disappoint people!