The Aftermath

Like many teenagers, the social media of choice is a bit of Instagram and Tictok which holds true for the Perry school murderer. Of his accounts have been taken down and scrubbed from all platforms. Even from X that had others posting pictures from those sites. But there are screenshots on various sites showing what he did post still if one is interested in the truth.

The police and mainstream media will gloss over, or dismiss outright, the glaring true nature of this murdering fool. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The murder’s social media profile listed his pronouns as “he/they”. And has multiple hashtags for gender fluid and transgender ideologies. Along with following such groups across social media platforms.

The boy was mentally ill to say the least. And instead of helping this young man he was pigeon holed into the trans and gender fluid movement. And those that did this washed their hands of it thinking they had done a good deed. But this is what caused the outburst of violence.

So many young people are being failed by the system with this trans movement nonsense instead of getting to the root cause of whatever mental illness or demonic possession is impacting them so they can get real help.

It saddens and sickens me that this is allowed to continue. But helping these youths goes against the narrative.

If this is acknowledged as fact at all in the mainstream media the spin will be that the Perry School District is backwards and not inclusive enough for their trans and gender fluid kids. All the blame will be shifted to the community and student body. And bulling will be the subject of discussion rather than the mental illness of the young adult that committed this horrific crime.

And given the media spotlight for the Iowa Caucus this will be a talking point for removing Iowa’s first in the nation status. The blame will be put on Iowa as a whole for not being inclusive.

In the Meme Time

Back again with another Leftist meme to ridicule and show off it’s falsehoods. Like most Leftist memes this one too has a hint of truth in it to fool those who can be fooled.

This little meme pops up every June sooner or later. An attempt to put a false idea in your head from the LGBTQ+ movements about their actions and sin.

Let’s look at it:

First of all the imagery is deliberate of course. A US flag to invoke feelings for America. And following the meme would then be patriotic. A pig dressed in a flag is still a pig. A lie with a flag background is still a lie.

The opening statement is true. Every human being that has ever existed, except for Christ Jesus, was born a sinner. The truth ends there however. As the meme goes on to state that the persons sin is mentioned in the Bible 25 times. But this is not true.

No where. And I mean in no place at all. Is left-handedness ever called a sin. In fact, no genetic trait is ever called a sin in Holy Scripture. All sins are actions a person takes that separates them from our Holy Creator. And the Bible does mention quite a few of them.

Doing something against the commands of God. Either deliberately or even in ignorance. Those are sins. Left-handedness is not a sin.

Yes indeed Left-handedness is mentioned in the Bible in a number of places. Yes, society has been cruel to it’s lefties for centuries before adapting change and understanding about those who are left-handed.

So again at the end. The meme is truthful again about society changing for the better when it comes to left-handed people.

The meme wants us to associate sin with left-handedness which society now accepts over all. And then associate other sins with things that society now accepts somewhat. This is due to the false narrative that like a left-handed person, they were born this way.

And lastly, another falsehood, the supposed author of the statement is an Educator. He is obviously not educated in Scripture.

Comeback Kid

Its been a while since I posted anything here on my own blog. Many thanks to Thomas and his continued dedication in posting his weekly article on the Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week.

Time have changed. My life was shattered and I had to pick up the broken pieces and put it back together again. Reshape it into something new.

This would not have been possible without the love and support of my family and friends who assisted me along this journey. And also I am grateful for the support I received through my Faith in Jesus Christ. Without Him I would truly be lost.

Today I am indeed healed from my loss and moving forward with my new life. It is good.

And there will be more articles from me in the future.

Silent for While Longer

I haven’t posted anything in a while. This is due to a number of factors.

I was waiting to see the results of any litigation concerning the election results. It was very disappointing but also predictable that President Trump wouldn’t get far with the black robed tyrants being all Leftists and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Also the holiday period is a very busy time with travel and family. And family is more important that posting anything on a blog.

But the greatest factor limiting my ability to post is that my beloved wife passed away suddenly on December 31st. I am emotionally spent. Grief is a long and hard journey to take. And I am suffering like Job in my grief. I have lost too many friends and family members over the last 13 years.

So for now I will leave most postings to Thomas. I may post from time to time but I’m not going to guarantee anything at this point.

Thank you for your prayers. I need them and my family needs them.