The Party of Despotism

The Left is always saying that Republicans want to take away the “rights” of others. That electing a Republican president will open the door to a dictatorship.

But every dictator in history has come from the Left and we would be fools to believe otherwise.

Even in the United States this is true. And the public record supports it.

Check the public record for yourself and see which political party has dictator tendencies. The closest thing we have to the dictator ability to “rule by decree” is the use of Executive Orders. As this have the power of law.

Since our founding there have been 15,883 Executive Orders written over the last 248 years. That averages to 64 every year.

There have only been 5 political parties, plus George Washington, to have made it to the Presidency. Some presidents didn’t issue any Executive Orders while others issued a great many of them.

The Federalist Party had only 1 President. And he issued only 1 Executive Order.

George Washington, our first President and unaffiliated with any political party, issued a total of 8 Executive Orders.

The Democratic-Republican Party had 4 Presidents and in total they issued only 9 Executive Orders.

The short lived Whigs Party also held the Presidency 4 times, but they issued 34 Executive Orders.

We have had 19 Republican Presidents. Together they have issued 7,342 Executive Orders. It seems high but the previously mentioned parties have all been short lived while the Republican Party has been around for 170 years. Averaged out, that is 386 Executive Orders for each of the 19 Republican Presidents.

But the Democratic Party with only 17 Presidents has issued over a 1,000 more Executive Orders. Topping the list so far at 8,489 penned by a Democratic President. That’s 499 averaged out for each of the 17. Far more than the Executive Orders issued by Republican Presidents. Even Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Leftist like no other, issued 3,728 Executive Orders during his long Presidency.

The numbers don’t lie. Numbers can be fact-checked, double checked, and triple-checked. The numbers are clear. The Democratic Party rules by decree as a dictator every chance they get. And far more often than any other political party in American history.

So in November, remember to preserve Liberty and the Republic. Don’t vote for the dictators in blue.

Loyalty Oath

The RNC is saying that all candidates for the 2024 Presidential election must sign a loyalty pledge to support the eventual nominee or they wont be allowed to debate. This is mainly aimed at President Donald Trump who rejected such a pledge back in 2016 and is so far rejecting such a pledge now.

However, Speaker Ryan has come out to state he would not attend the national convention if Trump was the nominee. I’m sure others would also make such statements as well.

If you want to go down this route with loyalty oaths. Make the entire RNC delegation pledge to support the nominee. Even if it is Trump and see how many want to sign it.

If that produces a lot of push back. Drop the idea. Loyalty pledges aren’t for the Republic. Democracies or all totalitarian Leftist states certainly. But they have no place on the right.

I am not for any one specific Republican candidate right now. I know of at least 3 people running for the nomination and there will be more. But right now I can’t say who I will support.

No Red Wave

Why the Republicans are losing elections. It’s very simple, the party is full of techno-phobic people.

In a nation of 350 million people. The Republican Party pushes for paper ballots and hand counting of votes. And the Leftist controlled Democratic Party is only happy to help keep this antiquated system going. Because it makes it very easy to cheat and inject fake ballots.

This is not the only place that the Republican Party rejects technology. This is also very evident in Social Media as well. Instead of embracing this 21st century communications tool. They ignored it and allowed the Left to embrace and then control it. And now complain about that control.

And what does the Republican Party do instead? They have bus tours for candidates. Does anyone even go to these? Certainly not the younger voters. Social Media is where they can be found and that only has the message from the Left.

Thus, there was no red wave in the 2022 elections. They message never went beyond the choir that was singing it.