In the Meme Time

In the aftermath of the assassination attempt against President Trump we are seeing this meme popup a lot. Posted by those useful idiots on the Left.

Of course the only talk about President Trump’s ear, like that is the thing we are deeply caring about. No, that isn’t it. A person lost his life defending his wife and children. Taking a bullet that would have killed them instead. This deeply saddens us.

What the Left doesn’t understand is that we care deeply anytime there is a tragic loss of life. No matter who is the victim. It doesn’t matter if it is President Trump, a 3rd grade classroom, a crowd at any public function, or even a Democratic politician. We treat them 100% the same.

We give the victims and survivors our thoughts and prayers. God said that prayers can move mountains and we believe this with all our hearts. We mourn with those who have lost a loved one. We care deeply at the tragic and senseless loss of life.

What we don’t do is blame the gun. It was the gunman who pulled the trigger and paid the price for that heinous crime. We even grieve for his family as well. But we don’t call for stricter gun legislation and regulations. In fact we call for these to be lifted. That way more people can be armed and able to defend themselves against evil in the public square.

Assassination Failed

There is a lot of controversy around the assassination attempt on Saturday of President Trump. And a number of failing by the Secret Service.

The roof-top of a building less than 500 feet away from the stage should have been secured but it wasn’t. An armed individual was able to use a ladder and gain access.

One of the police snippers had eyes on the gunman for over 3 minutes before he opened fire. But the Secret Service did not allow the sniper to take a shot.

Multiple eye witnesses reported the gunman to the police and other security personal prior to the attack. But they did not act on that information.

These and many more questions arise from this assassination attempt. And the answers will undoubtedly produce more questions.

Even now there are parallels being drawn between this attempt and the assassination of JFK. There are those who do suggest that this assassination was carried out by the CIA.

The Party of Despotism

The Left is always saying that Republicans want to take away the “rights” of others. That electing a Republican president will open the door to a dictatorship.

But every dictator in history has come from the Left and we would be fools to believe otherwise.

Even in the United States this is true. And the public record supports it.

Check the public record for yourself and see which political party has dictator tendencies. The closest thing we have to the dictator ability to “rule by decree” is the use of Executive Orders. As this have the power of law.

Since our founding there have been 15,883 Executive Orders written over the last 248 years. That averages to 64 every year.

There have only been 5 political parties, plus George Washington, to have made it to the Presidency. Some presidents didn’t issue any Executive Orders while others issued a great many of them.

The Federalist Party had only 1 President. And he issued only 1 Executive Order.

George Washington, our first President and unaffiliated with any political party, issued a total of 8 Executive Orders.

The Democratic-Republican Party had 4 Presidents and in total they issued only 9 Executive Orders.

The short lived Whigs Party also held the Presidency 4 times, but they issued 34 Executive Orders.

We have had 19 Republican Presidents. Together they have issued 7,342 Executive Orders. It seems high but the previously mentioned parties have all been short lived while the Republican Party has been around for 170 years. Averaged out, that is 386 Executive Orders for each of the 19 Republican Presidents.

But the Democratic Party with only 17 Presidents has issued over a 1,000 more Executive Orders. Topping the list so far at 8,489 penned by a Democratic President. That’s 499 averaged out for each of the 17. Far more than the Executive Orders issued by Republican Presidents. Even Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Leftist like no other, issued 3,728 Executive Orders during his long Presidency.

The numbers don’t lie. Numbers can be fact-checked, double checked, and triple-checked. The numbers are clear. The Democratic Party rules by decree as a dictator every chance they get. And far more often than any other political party in American history.

So in November, remember to preserve Liberty and the Republic. Don’t vote for the dictators in blue.

In the Meme Time

Another Leftist meme to come crashing down in flames. Unlike many Leftist memes, this one doesn’t have a hint of truth. But it does try to play with your emotions instead of facts. But it’s totally off the mark.

This meme depicts two women. One is a Christian Nun. The other is a Moslem woman. Both are wearing a head covering which is the focus of the meme.

The meme states that if you are not bothered by the Nun’s head covering and you are bothered by the Moslem woman’s head covering. Then you are a bigot.

At face value (the emotional side), the meme would be correct. But there is a huge difference between these two women and why they are wearing these head coverings.

The Christian Nun is an ordained member of the clergy. She has taken various oaths that go along with her call to the religious life and she lives within a religious community, often closed to the outside world. The habit and wimple she wears is an outward sign of those oaths and her commitment to her Faith as a Bride of Christ Jesus.

The Moslem woman is not a member of the clergy nor is she ordained. She does not live within a religious community of sisters. The hijab she is wearing is a sign of submission and required by Moslem culture which places women to be, at best, property. It is enforced by Moslem laws with strict punishments, including death, if violated.

These are not the same head coverings and they are worn for vastly different reasons. To be bothered by a woman in hijab is a good thing. Not a sign of bigotry as the meme suggests. But a sign that you care about the rights of women which are suppressed within Moslem culture.

Unanimous Opinion

The Supreme Court’s recent opinion regarding President Donald Trump’s ballot status was correct. And here is why this it the correct outcome of this court case.

First off, the 14th Amendment was born in the aftermath of the War Between the States. Many of it’s clauses were written for the situation of the time and place. The goals could not be accomplished by legislation alone.

The insurrection clause in particular was written as a punishment against the leaders of the Southern States. Banning them from public office. Not because they rose up against the Union. But as revenge by the Northern States who did not want to seat the former Confederate officers in Congress.

Secondly, President Donald Trump has NOT been found guilty of insurrection or participating in an insurrection, or leading an insurrection, or inciting an insurrection against the United States. Thus, he cannot be removed from any ballot or banned from holding office because of an insurrection.

And lastly, the events of January 6th were not an insurrection by any stretch of the imagination. The video evidence speaks for itself and to this truth as does the testimony of credible eyewitnesses.

So there you have it. Three valid reasons why the Supreme Court’s opinion on this matter is the correct and just opinion and why it was unanimous.

The False Gospels of He Gets Us

I wrote about this group in March of last year. You can read that article here:

This is going to focus on the “He Gets Us” movement and their false gospel advert during the Super Bowl last week. It’s shocking how many ways this group can twist the gospel message of Jesus into something wicked and evil to the non believer. They are truly promoting an antiChrist with their “Feel Good” version of Jesus.

Within this latest advert it talks about how Jesus was a good neighbor because he washed the feet of his friends and enemies alike. Really. This what this advert claims Jesus did during his ministry on earth. Now to the unbeliever, who has a fleeting knowledge of Jesus stories from Sunday School to draw upon. The will recall that Jesus washed some feet. So it must be true and of course we want to do the same.

The advert shows still pictures of various feet washings. An abortion protestor washing the feet of woman who has just murdered her child in the womb. An illegal alien and trespasser getting his feet washed by a neighbor. And a priest washing the feet of an active homosexual male.

All of these images are false. Jesus never washed the feet of an unrepentant sinner. Likewise, Jesus never washed the feet of a Pharisee, or religious leader, a Roman soldier, or the money changers in the Temple. All of these people would have been the enemy of Jesus. Not once in Scripture does it state that Jesus washed any of their feet.

Scripture does state that Jesus violently turned over the tables of the money changers in the Temple and then proceeded to whip and chase them from the Temple calling them thieves.

Now, Jesus did wash the feet of his followers. Godly and holy men who were of character and repentant of their sins. Jesus washed their feet to show them they in order to lead His church, they must lead as servants to the body of believers. These are the only people that the Biblical Jesus washed the feet of, his followers.

The Elephant in the Election

The Republican nomination is now down to just Trump and Haley. Those still running on the fringe don’t have a chance at the nomination with these two still in the race.

Haley may do well in New Hampshire on Tuesday and even in her home state of South Carolina. Once these 2 states are done we should have a clear idea who the Nominee will be from the Republican Party. But if not, there is Super Tuesday when 16 states have their primaries. That will seal the deal.

My prediction though is that Trump will get the nomination. And the Left and the others that suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome will go absolutely nuts. This does include the NeverTrumpers who all suffer from the mental illness of TDS.

The Left then will double down on their efforts to take Trump off the ballot. A fight that will go all the way to the Supreme Court. And the High Court’s opinion will be in-favor of keeping Trump on the ballot. This will enrage the Left even more. Blaming Trump for the results of the Court.

And because of this “betrayal” by the High Court. The Biden-Harris-Obama Administration will begin to pack the High Court with additional Leftist justices to ensure that those causes will be championed for at least a generation.

Of course, the last thing that will happen, is that Biden will be re-elected in November. Not because it’s the will of the people but because we never addressed the issue of election fraud from 2020. And the Left will use that tactic again in 2024.

First in the Nation

Tonight is the start of the 2024 Election cycle with the First in the Nation Iowa Caucuses. There will be a record set tonight. And it wont be on the turn out side.

No the record for tonight will be the coldest Iowa Caucus to date. The windchill will make into the -30s below zero tonight. Bitter cold.

Who will be the winner of the Iowa Caucus? This is the biggest question on the minds of political pundits and any interested in watching the political results.

It will not be any one of these: Asa Hutchinson, Ryan Binkley, or any other lesser known candidates out there who think they have a chance. These will all get less than 1% of the vote tonight.

It will not be Vivek Ramaswamy. Although he is good on a few massage points. He is not a Christian and that does turn a lot of people off from him. Especially here in the Heartland. But he is likely to get 5% of the vote.

It will not be Nikki Haley. She bashed Iowa while campaigning in New Hampshire. Calling their primary vote corrects what happens in Iowa. This was a bad move on her part. And will turn off a lot of potential Iowa voters from her message. But she will do better than Vivek.

That leaves us with President Trump and Ron DeSantis. Both have strong supporters and many endorsements.

President Trump has been leading all the polls since the beginning. So much that he hasn’t even bothered to participate in the earlier debates. The Trump base is unshakably loyal to the 45th President. And he will do well in the Iowa Caucus.

Ron DeSantis has a good ground game in Iowa. He has the endorsement of the Iowa Governor and others. But he is seen as weak by many and untested in the national arena.

The winner of the Iowa Caucus will be one of these two men. Given the majority support that Trump has he could easily pull it off. However, given the record cold temperature tonight. Many might say “Well Trump has it in the bag. I’m gonna stay home.” This just might be enough to push the DeSantis team to victory.

I will be at my local precinct caucus tonight. I will be voting for my candidate of choice. I will be running for elected positions within my precinct and county.

And I will be keeping an eye on the results.

The Aftermath

Like many teenagers, the social media of choice is a bit of Instagram and Tictok which holds true for the Perry school murderer. Of his accounts have been taken down and scrubbed from all platforms. Even from X that had others posting pictures from those sites. But there are screenshots on various sites showing what he did post still if one is interested in the truth.

The police and mainstream media will gloss over, or dismiss outright, the glaring true nature of this murdering fool. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The murder’s social media profile listed his pronouns as “he/they”. And has multiple hashtags for gender fluid and transgender ideologies. Along with following such groups across social media platforms.

The boy was mentally ill to say the least. And instead of helping this young man he was pigeon holed into the trans and gender fluid movement. And those that did this washed their hands of it thinking they had done a good deed. But this is what caused the outburst of violence.

So many young people are being failed by the system with this trans movement nonsense instead of getting to the root cause of whatever mental illness or demonic possession is impacting them so they can get real help.

It saddens and sickens me that this is allowed to continue. But helping these youths goes against the narrative.

If this is acknowledged as fact at all in the mainstream media the spin will be that the Perry School District is backwards and not inclusive enough for their trans and gender fluid kids. All the blame will be shifted to the community and student body. And bulling will be the subject of discussion rather than the mental illness of the young adult that committed this horrific crime.

And given the media spotlight for the Iowa Caucus this will be a talking point for removing Iowa’s first in the nation status. The blame will be put on Iowa as a whole for not being inclusive.

Iowa School Shooting

A school shooting has taken place in my own backyard. Not some far away location on the coast or up in the mountains. But right here in the heartland of America.

As I begin writing this article the details are few. Injuries and possible deaths have been reported from some outlets but not yet confirmed. Details will come later. Although one detail is known, the shooter is dead.

But before the full extent of the news and information is released. The Left is up to its usual bag of tricks and “solutions” to the problem they created by instituting “gun free zones.”

Their solutions are metal detectors at the doors of schools. No backpacks at schools. And of course the gun grab of “military style” weapons. All of these are absurd.

Metal detectors might not detect some weapons and of course weapons can enter through other means as well. Not just the doors.

Backpacks and duffle bags are needed by students. These carry school books, homework, and gym clothing and sports equipment that are owned by the student. It would be insane to think how a student would carry these items without such a bag.

And lastly, we have the gun grab of “military style” weapons. The Left hates the 2nd Amendment. And it’s always the poor AR-15 that gets the blame. They still think AR means “assault rifle” when it really means Armilite Rifle. The original manufacturer of the AR-15. And every rifle available today is semi-automatic, just like the AR-15. So banning the AR-15 does nothing.

The agenda of the Left is not to end school shootings. But to end civilian ownership of firearms and the 2nd Amendment. If you really wanted to end school shootings let’s start by removing the “gun free zone” and arming responsible staff members who can end a potential shooting before it gets far at all.

Looking back in history, in the 1930’s, the height of the “gangster era” fully automatic machine guns were available to the general public. All the gangsters had them. (And they still have them today despite laws preventing it.) But there were NO school shootings then. In fact, school shootings are a recent event. Something that started in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. Why?

Prior to this time. Students had guns in the parking lots in the back of pickups at school. Any would-be shooter would be dropped before they got far. But that wasn’t the reason.

No the real reason why school shootings started it because it had been a whole generation since God was removed from the schools and government buildings. The students that had God stripped from their schools were now sending their kids to schools. And God wasn’t allowed in the doors.

Ethics became situational or cultural. Thus anything was OK or good because of how one felt about it. This is what has caused this event and all the others like it to take place.

And this too was caused by the Left.