Scared for the Future

A couple of weeks ago the Iowa Republican Party had its State Convention. And I am fearful for the future of my Country.

The mid-term convention is a quiet affair. It is filled with speeches of candidates running for those mid-term election offices and not much else.

There is always a vote on approving the rules of the convention and elected the convention chair and other officers. Usually without a hitch. No one wants to spend their Saturday all cooped up at the convention.

And then the only real business during a mid-term convention is to approve the party platform for the next two years. And this is where I became fearful.

There were two planks for consideration. The first was to have the state party be opposed to any call for a Convention of States. And the second was just the opposite, to have the state party in favor of any call for a Convention of States.

A hand counted votes was taken with the first proposed plank being approved by the majority of the delegates in the hall. A second hand count of votes was required and it resulted in the second plank being rejected by the majority of the delegates in the hall. A sure win for Iowa and the Republican Party.

But the Useful Idiots who support such a dangerous call wanted the results to be different. So much in fact, that they called for a motion to suspend the rules of the convention in hopes that the previous votes could be nullified and changed.

Ironically, this is what those Useful Idiots say would never happen at a Convention of States. The very thing that they are doing at the state convention of the party. And they are too blind to even see or understand it.

Fortunately, reason prevailed and the motion was defeated without the votes being altered or nullified. But this kind of thing could very easily happen at a Convention of States if one does get called. And it would spell the end for this Republic.

Author: chris

Chris is a follower of Jesus Christ. A Linux enthusiast. And a believer in the words of the US Constitution being the 2nd most important document ever written. He plays, runs, and creates various table top role playing games and is collector of dice.