Ignorant Meme

There is a meme going around on Social Media right now that was so poorly thought out it just makes me laugh. Of course the useful idiots are posting and re-posting it every day.

So where to begin with the flaws of this meme? It obviously a half baked idea, much like most of the Left’s so-called “thoughts.”

Well we will start at the beginning.

Its a letter to the editor of a printed newspaper. I think only the Left still reads those rags. And without Social Media anything in a newspaper doesn’t stand a chance of getting any circulation in the world these days. Not a very good start.

Nothing is less patriotic than giving up your arms to another nations military. The is the definition of surrender. I don’t think that the author of the letter even knows what patriotism is or how it works.

Not a lot of Americans, patriotic or otherwise, even OWN an assault weapon. But this shows the ignorance of both the author and the Left who continue to put out this kind of garbage. They really mean any semi-automatic rifle, which is most of them. But none of them are assault weapons by definition.

Then how does the desired outcome happen? One cannot mail weapons or ammunition through international mail. That and sending American weapons to a foreign nation, you would need to send ammunition too otherwise it would be worthless.

To have them shipped, would be an expensive and logistical undertaking. Sending weapons to a foreign nation’s military would be a violation of any number of treaties and international agreements.

Thus causing the senders to be war criminals at the least if not plunging America herself into this war and escalating the scope of the conflict.

Again, the idea is bunk to begin with and there is no way to implement the idea either. What fools are those who believe this kind of nonsense.